June 2019

The following features have been released in June 2019.

Improvements in UI

  • Displaying text in Workflow Execution Page with more details visible.
  • CSV and other read file nodes, now display the name of the file.
  • When cloning a node in the editor, the cloned node is created close to the original node.

Improvements to HDFS Browser

  • Fire Insights now allows moving multiple files from one directory to another.

Support Of Authentication Using Token

  • Fire now supports two methods Of getting tokens to access Fire

Grant Types – Password.

Grant Types – Authorization code.

Improvements in Dataset

  • Look and feel of the edit Dataset page has been upgraded.

Running Applications Locally

  • Workflows when running locally are now executed as separate Java or Python processes.

Node Updates

  • JoinUsingSQL now allows joining multiple datasets at a time.