July 2019

Integration of H2O

  • The following New H2O Processors have been added :
    • H2ODRF
    • H2OGBM
    • H2OGLM
    • H2OIsolationForest
    • H2OKMeans
    • H2OModelLoad
    • H2OModelSave
    • H2OMojoLoad
    • H2OMojoSave
    • H2ONaiveBayes
    • H2ONeuralNetwork
    • H2OPCA
    • H2OScore

Improvements in UI

  • Login Page of Fire Insights has been upgraded.
  • Scatter Plot look and feel has been upgraded.

Improvements to HDFS Browser

  • Ability to edit files and directories.

Improvements in Home Dashboard Page

Added New Features

  • Added Search Box to Search Workflow, Node, Dataset & Dashboard available in an application.
  • Added Self-Registration to create a user directly from Login page.

Upgradation of Running Server on Ports

  • Fire Insights now enable us to run Fire & Pspark server on different ports.