Step 5 : Execute Workflow

After you have created a workflow, it is time to execute it and view the results.

Executing a workflow involves the following steps:

  • Go to Application page where you want to execute the workflow
  • Click “Workflows” tab
  • Click on the play button
  • Specify parameter(if any)
  • Click on Execute

Application page

Open the application where you have created the workflow to be executed.

Workflow Listings


Click “Workflows” tab to view the list of workflows in the application.

Workflow Listings

Click on the Play Button

Against each workflow there are a list of icons under “Actions” column for performing various actions on a specific workflow.

Click “Play” icon under “actions” column to execute the workflow.

Execute workflow page

Specify any paramters for your workflow.

Workflow Execute

Execute Workflow

Once you have specified the parameters, click on “Execute” button. The results of execution are streamed back into your browser.