Step 3 : Create Dataset

Before any data can be used in a workflow, it needs to be wrapped in a dataset. If you uploaded CSV files in the previous step, in this step you will wrap them in a dataset.

The steps involved in creating a dataset are:

  • Open the Application where you want to create dataset
  • Click on “Datasets” tab
  • Click on “Create” and choose “Datasets”
  • Select your dataset type and enter the fields in the dialog
  • Update the schema of the dataset
  • Click “Save”

When you open your application, all existing datasets specific to the application are displayed in the Datsets tab.


Click on “Create” and choose “Dataset” from the dropdown.


In the pop-up choose “CSV” and then click “OK”.

Fill in the required fields as below.

  • Name : Name of the new dataset
  • Description : Description of the new dataset
  • Has Header Row : Indicate whether the dataset has a header row specifying the name of the columns or not
  • Delimiter : Indicates the delimiter to be used between the fields in the data
  • Path : Path for the location of the file or directory containing the data files for the dataset

Now click on “Update dataset/schema” to update the schema of the dataset. Sample data for the dataset will be displayed followed by the schema.

In the example below, a dataset is created from a housing.csv file. It is a comma separated file with a header row specifying the names of the various columns.


If the data file did not have a header row, Fire Insights will give standard column names of “C0, C1” etc.

You can update the column names in the schema based on your data.


Now click “Save’ to save the new dataset and you are ready to use it in your workflows.